Qatari high-jumper Barshim sparks online meme

14 سبتمبر, 2014 11:20 ص

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Qatari high-jumper Barshim sparks online meme

Qatari track and field athlete Mutaz Barshim has sparked a social media craze after becoming the second highest jumper of all time last week.

The 23-year-old successfully cleared 2.43 meters (about 8 feet) in the high-jump during the IAAF Diamond League final in Brussels last week, breaking a previous record that he set in March.

Though he failed to beat the world record of 2.45 meters, set by Cuban Javier Sotomayor in 1993, Barshim’s achievements soon caught the imagination of sports commentators.

Under the hashtag #ThingsBarshimCouldJumpOver, Adam Schmenk of USA Track & Field began using photoshopped images to show the scale of Barshim’s athletic feat.

He featured Olympic bronze medalist and world silver medalist Barshim’s jump set against a basketball net and also a football goalpost, to help people understand the height of his jump.

Since then, the hashtag has been trending across social media, with a range of quirky photoshopped landmarks – including a London phone box, the back of a giraffe and a Lord of the Rings reference.

A Twitter user himself, Barshim has been encouraging fans to offer up their own digitally-enhanced online offerings.


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