Muslim Brotherhood exiles’ exit from Qatar could palliate informal quarrel

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At slightest 7 officials and clerics compared with Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood are withdrawal Qatar, members of a organisation pronounced Saturday, in a pierce that could symbol an easing of a sour informal argue over a Persian Gulf monarchy’s sheltering of refugee total from a Islamist movement.

For some-more than a year given a Egyptian troops private Islamist President Mohamed Morsi from office, Qatar has offering a breakwater for many members of his Muslim Brotherhood. It also has called for Morsi’s reinstatement and extended financial support to other Islamist groups, including Hamas.

With nations such as Saudi Arabia and a United Arab Emirates holding Egypt’s side, Qatar had found itself diplomatically removed in a cove region, though had confirmed a domestic support of informal appetite Turkey and a Islamist-leaning government.

Qatar’s pierce comes as a United States is seeking to arrange a informal bloc to confront a Islamic State, a nonconformist Sunni Muslim company that has seized vast portions of Syria and Iraq, committing atrocities opposite Shiite Muslims and racial minorities in prisoner cities and towns. While Qatar does not yield grave support for a Islamic State, it has so distant unsuccessful to rein in fundraising for jihadist causes among a rich citizenry.

The Brotherhood leaders withdrawal Qatar were clever not to expel any open censure on a supervision in Doha for forcing them out. They enclosed Amr Darrag, who was a comparison unfamiliar affairs central in a Brotherhood’s now-banned Freedom and Justice Party.

Darrag pronounced in an online matter that he and others were withdrawal Qatar in sequence to gangling it any “embarrassment” in light of “the resources a segment is now facing.” But it was not transparent either Qatar would pierce opposite total such as successful Egyptian-born minister Yusef Qaradawi, who preaches burning televised sermons in support of a jihadist cause.

Apart from Qatar, a region’s many Islamist-friendly appetite is Turkey, and some of a vacating Brotherhood members were approaching to find preserve there. Secretary of State John F. Kerry was in Ankara, a Turkish capital, on Friday seeking support for a U.S.-led debate opposite a Islamic State. He pronounced it was too early to speak about any specific measures Turkey competence take to assist in a quarrel opposite a group.

Egypt so distant has offering small element support in a U.S. debate opposite a Islamic State. In Cairo on Saturday, Kerry suggested that Egypt’s purpose as an “intellectual and informative capital” in a segment left it well-positioned to malign a radical beliefs espoused by a Islamic State.

Part of Washington’s plan for pitter-patter adult informal antithesis to a transformation is to partisan distinguished eremite total to join in depicting a Sunni Muslim-dominated Islamic State as during contingency with a teachings of Islam. Egypt is home to Al Azhar University, Sunni Islam’s top chair of learning.

The Egyptian supervision has described a Islamic State as usually one of a series of radical movements that poise a threat, including a belligerent armed factions a army are battling in a Sinai peninsula. And it considers a Brotherhood a root of other nonconformist groups inside and outward Egypt.

Egypt’s crackdown on a Brotherhood in a arise of Morsi’s ouster has left during slightest 1,400 of a movement’s supporters passed and thousands some-more imprisoned. Morsi is on hearing on a accumulation of charges, several of that lift a genocide penalty.

Egyptian animosity toward Qatar is widely noticed as carrying ensnared 3 reporters for a English-language arm of a TV news channel Al Jazeera, that is owned by a cove state. The three, one of them an Australian national, this year were given seven-year jail terms on terrorism-related charges, indicted of helping a Brotherhood.

This month, Egypt — that withdrew a envoy to Qatar this year — combined a indictment of offered secrets to Qatar to a array of charges that Morsi already faced. Saudi Arabia and Bahrain had also cold their envoys to Doha.

Simon Henderson, conduct of a cove and appetite process module during The Washington Institute consider tank, pronounced Qatar has been perplexing to play a region’s competing powers opposite any other given of a unsafe geographical position between Sunni-dominated Saudi Arabia and Shiite-led Iran, with that it shares a world’s biggest healthy gas margin underneath a Persian Gulf.

“Qatar conjunction wants to be pro-Saudi nor pro-Iranian,” Henderson said, and as a outcome has “difficult family with a Saudis and has discreet family with Iran.”

Like many cove states, Qatar is ruled by a patrimonial monarchy. But Sheik Tamim bin Hamad al Thani, 34, to whom appetite was handed final year, appears to be casting a mostly Sunni emirate as a post-feudal multitude that accepts a Muslim Brotherhood’s faith that all Muslims are equal and sees a Islamist transformation as “the approach of a future,” Henderson pronounced in a discussion call with reporters on Friday.

The trump label hold by a little cove state is a hulk atmosphere bottom outward a capital, Doha, that is U.S.-run though underneath Qatari sovereignty, Henderson said. That gives a statute sheik a appetite to extend or repudiate use of a bottom for atmosphere operations over Afghanistan and Iraq and potentially over Syrian areas underneath Islamic State control.

While Turkey’s Justice and Development Party shares most of a beliefs and Islamist beliefs of a Muslim Brotherhood, Ankara’s hostility to actively behind a U.S.-led bloc building to confront Islamic State might have some-more to do with fears for a 49 Turkish diplomats hold serf by a militants in a Iraqi city of Mosul, a academician surmised.

The Turkish consulate was overshoot when a Islamic State seized a city in June, and a fighters have hold a envoys and staff warrant since.

Times staff author Carol J. Williams in Los Angeles contributed to this report.

11:30 a.m.: This post has been updated with comments from Simon Henderson of The Washington Institute.


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